Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Slobodca is a village on the north of Moldova. It is very old and very beautiful! Slobodca is a small village. There are only 70 houses there, approximately. In Slobodca there are not any school, shops, markets... But there is a very beautiful nature there!!! Satellite View.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Carpathians

Recently I was in the Carpahians. It was fine. The Carpathian Mountains are the eastern wing of the great Central Mountain System of Europe, curving 1500 km (~900 miles) along the borders of Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, and northern Hungary.
The Carpathians begin on the Danube near Bratislava. They surround Transcarpathia and Transylvania in a large semicircle, sweeping towards the south-west, and end on the Danube near Orşova, in Romania. The total length of the Carpathians is over 1,500 km, and the mountain chain's width varies between 12 and 500 km. The greatest width of the Carpathians corresponds with its highest altitudes. The system attains its greatest breadth in the Transylvanian plateau and in the meridian of the Tatra group (the highest range, with Gerlachovský štít, at 2,655 m (8,705 feet) above sea level in Slovak territory near the Polish border). It covers an area of 190,000 km² and, after the Alps, is the most extensive mountain system in Europe.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Top 10 "The Most..." or Top 10 "The Largest, The Highest, The Shortest..."

1. The river Roe (Montana, USA) - the shortest river in the world (61 m.)

2. Rock Bishop (Sicily) - the smallest island on the Earth (lighthouse on the island was built in the 1847 year ended in the 1858 year, is 45 meters high)

3. Everest (Nepal) - the highest point of the world (8'844 meters above sea level).

4. Colca Canyon (Colombia) - the deepest canyon on the Earth (3,501 m).

5. Morecambe Bay - the largest swamp in the world (England)

6. Lake Baikal (Russia) - the deepest lake in the world (1637 meters at the deepest point)

7. Crower Cave (Georgia) - the most profound cave in the world (2140 meters in depth)

8. Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan) - the lowest sea in the world (420 meters below sea level)

9. The Land of Vilkes (Antarctica) - it is a very thick layer of ice in the world (4.8 km thick)

10. Seoul (Korea) - is the most populous city with the the most density on earth (20.7 million people)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The World (Earth) Is A Beautiful Place

We live on the earth. It is very, very big. There is a lot of water on the earth. It is in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There are a lot of forests and fields, hills and mountains on it. The earth is full of wonders. Different animals live on the earth. Different plants grow on it. The earth is beautiful. There are large countries and small countries. There are warm countries and cold countries. There are some countries where there are four seasons in a year and some countries where there are only two. When the sun shines it is day. When the sun does not shine it is night. When it is day in one country it is night in another. You can see the moon and the stars in the sky at night.

We live in a wonderful place. To my mind, our planet is like a big paradise. The man is always busy with his own problems, and that is why we are not really able to admire and to enjoy this beauty, which is around us everyday and every minute. The world we live in is a beautiful place. I consider that our planet has a lot of riddles. Some of them are guessed by us, others will never be, because nature can not be controlled, even if we want it very much. I think that people are small parts of the nature and if we want to live a happy life, we should find the balance between it and us, even if it is so hard.

Renard told: ”On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it” and it is true. Just imagine yourself, what kind of life would we have, if there were no any sun and moon, stars and oceans, rainbows and cascades, constellations and starfallings… I am not even able to think about this, because I am sure that such big and small miracles colour our life and it more interesting. It is the same old story of not being grateful for what we have, until we lose it. We are very fortunate that we have such opportunity to live on this small piece of heaven.

What would you do, if you knew, you had only three more days to live? Where would you go? My answer is that I would address to nature for the last time: to woods, to birds, to the rivers, to the night sky, to the moon, to the streams, to animals, to the sun, to the grass, even to small insects…

I live my life and especially all the things, that are around me, which make it with the real sense, which help me to live longer, to value everything, small or big, it does not matter, but I love the world I live in and I want all you to do the same, cause it is a beautiful place, a small piece of heaven…